Town Planning Services in Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Gympie and Sunshine Coast

Also Available for Kingaroy, Emerald, Biloela, and Longreach

Town Planning seeks to make the best long-term and short-term decisions for managing and developing cities, suburbs and rural areas. It requires balancing competing interests for different landuses and the infrastructure needed to service them.

What exactly are town planners?

Town Planners have pivotal roles in such fields as growing town centres, industry expansion, new residential areas, consolidating existing urban areas, and conserving productive rural land. We endeavour to create solutions that satisfy a broad range of interests and are therefore familiar with balancing the interests of developers, Councils, and the broader community. We have a general understanding of such disciplines like architecture, engineering, construction, and environmental science, regularly using this in our project work as we engage with specialist consultants. A further important skill is to engage with a range of stakeholders.

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Property Development services


InsiteSJC offers a comprehensive range of services for the property sector, for example commencing with concepts that would create the highest site value, working with or coordinating the consultant team to produce designs for the desired development project, and facilitating all required approvals. We provide reliable and honest advice on which our clients can act and depend. We help our clients through the process of creating a development project, making it stress-free for our clients as possible and improving the project ‘bottom line’.

Our property development services include:
  • Preliminary Town planning advice
  • Development applications, including:
    • Material change of use
    • Lot reconfiguration (subdivision)
    • Variation requests (to seek to vary the effect of a local planning instrument)
    • Building & Operational Work applications
  • Site analysis and concepts
  • Planning appeals and negotiation
  • Development concept and master planning
  • Public notification
  • Expert witness
  • Due diligence
How we help professional developers

Local government services


We have an excellent understanding of the unique needs of local government since we have almost continual interaction with Councils in one way or another.

In any typical day, our team could be doing any one or more of the following:

  • assessing a development application on behalf of one of our Council clients—we are often responsible for the entire process under the DA Rules as an assessment manager, providing a facilitative and efficient review;
  • preparing a development application on behalf of a Council—many council development projects require a development permit, and we can provide an independent professional view to ensure that the community does not view the Council as biased about its proposals;
  • carrying out a site selection study for a new council facility or recommending a preferred development option for council-owned premises;
  • preparing a master plan for the long-term improvement or development of an area or site;
  • drafting a new planning scheme—we have prepared several IPA and SPA planning schemes, and amendments under the Planning Act 2016, and are familiar with urban and rural issues and the processes involved in developing strategies, policies and legislation.
Our local government services include:
How we help local governments

Urban design


Our urban design services help our clients address design challenges at a larger scale than individual buildings, to consider neighbourhoods, public spaces, streets and groups of buildings.

Urban design seeks to make spaces sustainable and attractive and usually involves creating a setting that imparts a sense of place. The process frequently involves establishing identifiable neighbourhoods, unique architecture, aesthetically pleasing public areas and vistas, recognisable landmarks and focal points, and a human element formed by compatible scales of development and ongoing public stewardship.

Our urban design services include:
  • Master planning
  • Structure plans
  • Urban renewal projects
  • Town centre and commercial strips
  • Residential and industrial subdivisions
  • Urban waterfront revitalisation
  • Open space planning and design
  • Recreation facility planning and design
  • Major infrastructure projects

Submissions about new planning schemes or scheme amendments


InsiteSJC provides expert help to the property and development industry when Councils publicise their draft planning schemes or draft amendments to planning schemes.

Councils and the development industry use planning schemes to determine the use, form, intensity and scale of development acceptable. They are therefore significant influences on the value of land and the economic prosperity of a region. They directly affect the livelihood of landowners and property developers, and it is appropriate when a council consults on its draft scheme or scheme amendment that one fully considers the implications of the new scheme.

A new planning scheme or amendment can provide new development opportunities, but it may also remove or reduce development potential. Sometimes there are unintended consequences of scheme provisions.

Our Hervey Bay planning team


We developed a presence in Hervey Bay in January 2015 in response to a need for additional Town Planning and Projects consulting services. With a progressive Council and an excellent economic outlook, the timing suited an alternative consulting presence. We enjoy excellent relationships with Building design, Engineering, and Survey businesses and the Fraser Coast Regional Council following a range of development and other consulting projects in the region.

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"In our property development business three words are most important with all the consultants that deal with us. They are efficiency, accountability and loyalty. InsiteSJC has performed 100% of all our town planning and surveying needs for decades. Why would we change when we get all that and more every time?"

Bill Moorhead, Managing Director, Moorhead Family Communities Bundaberg

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