Minimise your risk and get a Registered Surveyor

If you are looking for precision and want to reduce your exposure to the risk of constructing in the wrong location, then getting one of our Registered Surveyors to set out your project accurately is a must. We guarantee accurate set out by one of our experienced Surveyors. This ensures your building is constructed in the correct position and in accordance with the construction plans.

Don't build in the wrong place

Even experienced builders occasionally locate a the corner of a lot incorrectly. We have seen many cases where a new building is not in the approved location due to the person doing the set-out misinterpreting corner pegs and boundaries. Not only is this very embarrassing for the builder but it introduces conflict with the adjoining owner, considerable expense and delays. It ultimately costs a lot to rectify such situations.

Set-out by a Registered Surveyor is like taking out insurance

Engaging us to set out your next construction or building project is like taking out gives you peace of mind to know you are building in the right place.

Other construction services

We help contractors in a wide range of ways, including as-constructed surveys, construction control surveys, and height certification.

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Request a call back via the form to your right and leverage from our resident expert's (Andrew Jensen) 30 years of industry experience. 

  • Engineering surveys
  • Low-rise building construction
  • Bridge & road construction
  • Detail & level surveys
  • Construction plan interpretation