Accurate position + exact measurement

Surveying is the science of measuring and determining accurate positions in three dimensions in relation to the Earth’s surface. Using total station theodolites and GPS, we accurately undertake measurements for construction and property boundaries, liaising with Government Departments, Councils, Developers, and Builders.

Cadastral Surveys

  • Lot reconfiguration surveys
  • Identification surveys
  • Amalgamation surveys
  • Community Title Subdivisions (Building & Standard Format)
  • Disclosure plans
  • Easement surveys
  • Lease plans
  • License area plans
  • Lot calculations
  • Master Plans (lease and development)
  • Metes and bounds – Presales Plans
  • Resurveys
  • Subdivision surveys

Engineering Surveys

  • Contour surveys
  • Detail and level surveys
  • Level Surveys
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Stockpile and volume surveys

Construction Surveys

  • As-constructed surveys
  • Construction control surveys
  • Height certification
  • Setout surveys

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