Consultants regularly engage Insite SJC's Planners, Surveyors, or Project Coordinators as specialists to form part of their project team. Obtaining specialist Town Planning or Surveying advice with built-in good local knowledge makes smart business sense for projects. In addition to good at what we do, we also know the people involved, the issues, and the market.

We provide beneficial input into bigger teams

Here are some ways we have provided valuable contributions to a larger project team:

  • A property developer based in a southern capital appoints a project manager to investigate the prospects of obtaining approval for new corporate premises and then to 'get the project on the ground'. The project manager and client have previously worked with an Architect that understands the particular developer's design requirements for the project. They all recognise however that there are particular nuances when working in different communities and that it would be valuable to have a local representative that understands and respects the local context but can also represent the developer's interests in obtaining the best available 'value' in the project. This means not simply interpreting a planning scheme that might set some parameters but, for example, also to see market opportunities, know the appropriate Council or government representatives with whom to liaise.
  • A national chain seeks new premises on a 'brownfield site' and requires survey services, including a detail survey to help provide reliable site information for the design process. Insite SJC as the most conveniently-located, larger and well-resourced Surveying consultancy provides the project manager a detail survey that enables the building designer, traffic engineer and civil engineer the base for their work. Later Insite SJC provides other surveying services for the project as it proceeds, set-out and as-constructed drawings for the builder, an easement in favour of the Council, and lease plans.

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