We provide advice, coordination & management for your project

InsiteSJC is the expert you call on when you need a development project delivered on-time, on-budget, and to the agreed specifications. While a successful project requires getting all three parameters right, we don’t forget that there are people involved - our clients, the project team, and other stakeholders like those granting approvals. It’s about getting people together.

Key project services:

  • initialsketchInitial project advice
  • Concept and options development
  • Project feasibility and scope
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Coordinate project team
  • Prepare, lodge and manage development application and post approval processes
  • Negotiated outcomes
  • Visualisation including plan and 3D modelling

We focus on facilitating the required approvals and coordinating all people required to bring that to a prompt and successful conclusion. We can work directly to you or with your appointed Project Manager or Construction Manager to provide the resources you need.

Usually, the first step is to understand your project objectives—what you want to be delivered and when. We work with you to define realistic, but ‘stretch’, targets. This would usually then result in a workplan or project plan.

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