Surveying Services Available in Bundaberg

We offer a broad range of services to the development and construction, property, business and government sectors. We have expertise that our clients generally refer to as ‘surveying’ and ‘town planning’. Here are some of our ways that we help our clients solve problems, or save time and money.

Town Planning

We endeavour to create solutions that satisfy a wide range of interests. We are familiar with negotiating outcomes with developers, Councils, and others. Read more


Using total station theodolites and GPS, we accurately undertake measurements for construction and property boundaries; liaising with Government Departments, Councils, Developers and Builders. Read more


InsiteSJC are the experts you call on when you need a development project delivered on-time, on-budget, and to the agreed specifications. We focus on facilitating the required approvals and coordinating all people involved to bring each project to a prompt and successful conclusion. Read more

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