Uncover some history

We recently uncovered some history in the form of a 130-year-old survey blaze on a gum at Bucca.

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Thank you for your support in 2017

What a big year it has been for InsiteSJC!  We have been involved in a diverse range of projects and are proud to be a part of the local community.  You, as our clients, suppliers, and fellow consultants are what keep us going. We cannot wait to see what projects come our way next year.  
We thought it would be an excellent opportunity to reflect on our year and share with you some of the major projects that we have been involved with from concept and approval phase through to construction. Excuse us for a little self-indulgence, but we appreciate being part of our client’s successes! Of course, this would also not be possible without the collegiate help of our many fellow consultants!

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Surveyors and the value of cadastral integrity

"The cadastre is a valuable record of property boundaries , and records property ownership, entitlements and restrictions under the Torrens title system. The cadastre records extents of land rights and interests and connects them to the Certificate of Title each time dealings are registered or new titles are created. The Certificate of Title therefore provides the foundation for land valuation and transfer of property ownership." (SSIQ)

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Get coordinated

We're not talking about fashion-coordinated! (Sorry!)

Having a good understanding of geodetic coordinates is important for construction, engineering and surveying. 

This blog discusses:

  • next year's change from GDA94 to GDA2020 (Australia is not where it was in 1994!); and,
  • how 999.6 metres can equal a kilometre.
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Big projects with local involvement

The InsiteSJC survey team is busy with some of those big projects Bundaberg has been awaiting. It is pleasing to see some on-ground progress after listening to promises about commencement dates for such a long time.

The InsiteSJC Survey team is involved in four significant projects that helps local employment and prosperity.

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Coral Gardens - seventh and final stage complete

We have recently completed the surveying for Stage 7 of Coral Gardens Estate. Stage 7 sees the completion of this residential estate and the release of the final 23 lots. The completed Estate consists of 131 lots.

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