Anybody can lodge an application and sometimes projects are simple enough that even a first-time applicant can make a competent application and receive approval without any significant issues. We find however that, other than the most basic development projects, we can save an applicant time and money, improve the concept or design to improve the return on investment, coordinate other consultants for a better outcome, or ensure conditions and infrastructure charges are reasonable. We liken this to the question of carrying out your own plumbing or electrical work at home…unless you were a plumber or electrician you would not try your own plumbing or electrical work. Similarly for a development application, you are better to stick to doing the work for which you are trained and experienced. At a minimum, it will allow you to be more profitable by using your time where you are more efficient. Put simply—employ a specialist to save you time and money!

We have lodged thousands of applications and, while each site and project is unique, we are probably quite familiar with the issues that the Council would want the applicant to address. We invest heavily in keeping abreast of the Council, State and community issues involved in development projects and can provide expertise to help you deal with them. Talk with us so we can show you how we can help your next project.