Our fee is dependent on the availability of survey marks in the area. In a newer area, we would expect to find more survey marks, making our job easier and quicker and thus reducing our fees. Some of older areas of Bundaberg were first surveyed in 1880. The survey plans are inaccurate and hard to read, making our job of reinstating the boundaries more difficult and expensive. A surveyor needs to research and purchase any survey plans in the immediate area, prior to going on site to find and measure the surviving survey marks. Our measurements are then compared with those on the original plans of survey, and fencing and occupation taken into account prior to calculating and reinstating the boundaries. Our fee to place one corner peg is often similar to that of remarking all of the property boundaries, as we incur most of our costs in purchasing plans, finding reliable survey marks and calculating where the boundaries are. On completion of the field survey, we are required to prepare a survey plan showing the boundary dimensions and the survey marks found; this also aids any future surveyors. We are happy to provide a fixed fee for any survey, just let us know the real property description and address.