A development approval given under the now repealed Sustainable Planning Act 2009 remains valid until it lapses under section 341, which is generally four years for a material change of use and a reconfiguring involving operational work, and two years for a reconfiguring not involving operational work...unless the approval states a different period. A development approval lapses at the end of its 'relevant period' unless you seek an extension under section 383. There are certain procedural requirements and limitations, and it is usually advisable to seek advice well in advance of an approval lapsing.<br>

<br>The Planning Minister can declare an 'applicable event' and extend or suspend Planning Act 2016 statutory timeframes to help manage the impacts of events, such as COVID-19, on the development industry and the broader community. The Minister extended the COVID-19 applicable event to 24 June 2024 and gave a 12-month extension to development approval periods. Your approval may remain in force even if the decision <br>

<br>Approvals under section 85 of the Planning Act 2016, however, are different. Unless stated otherwise in a development approval for a material change of use, the approval would lapse if the first change of use does not happen within six years after the approval starts to have effect. Reconfiguring approvals last four years unless stated otherwise.<br><br>Councils would generally extend approvals, for a fee, if the approval remains consistent with the planning scheme, but it would be advisable to seek advice in advance of the lapsing date.