Feature image - IWC Bundaberg

The Challenge

Having established a modern facility on the site in 2014, the IWC was rapidly outgrowing its premises and obtained further land to facilitate an extension. Development approval to double the size of the premises on residential zoned land was needed to progress the project.

The planning scheme identified that the application was impact assessable and we were aware that it would attract significant submitter attention.

The Solution

Insite SJC was part of a team comprising the client, builder, and architect in a collaborative environment. Several meetings were convened with Council planning staff to produce development concepts which would have Council’s general support prior to lodgement of the application. As anticipated, public notification of the application attracted submissions and as a result the concept was significantly modified to address valid submission matters.

The revised concept was presented to the full Council at an information meeting and approval with appropriate conditions was subsequently obtained.
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