Feature image - Bargara Headlands

The Challenge

Moorhead Family Communities is one of InsiteSJC’s longstanding developer clients. When invited to assist with Town Planning and Surveying services for a challenging site, our team eagerly agreed to collaborate and be a vital part of the team. We were engaged in helping design the layout, draft the plan of development to vary the effect of the planning scheme, then to prepare, lodge and manage the development application to a successful conclusion.

While the development of the site was generally consistent with the Council’s intent for the coastal growth area in the planning scheme, there were many challenges that we needed to overcome.

Firstly the natural landform reflected its natural history as a volcanic district approximately 900, 000 years ago: creating challenges for providing urban services, which in turn affects the layout. Being adjacent to the coast requires respect for the natural environment, including avoiding impacts on nesting sea turtles through light pollution.

The Solution

The layout respects the natural landscape by minimising earthworks and incorporating natural drainage lines and vegetation corridors. A proposed small activity centre would encourage social interaction, and the design of the estate would preserve the views and access to the coastal park. The variety of lot sizes ought to support the community’s housing needs at different life stages.

Most of the coastline is accessible to the public and under public control rather than privately-owned. Headlands Bargara is proving to be one of the coast’s most popular new coastal communities.

It is pleasing to see the project successfully underway and early land sales and house-building so strong. We derive considerable satisfaction from seeing our clients achieve their project objectives and wish Moorhead Family Communities continued success.

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“In our property development business three words are most important with all the consultants that deal with us. They are efficiency, accountability and loyalty. InsiteSJC has performed 100% of all our town planning and surveying needs for decades. Why would we change when we get all that and more every time?”
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