Helicopter application withdrawn

After months of asking for explanations from Council, it was clear that there was strong pressure to make a decision. The problem was that the planning department had not fully investigated or reported fairly on the application. Despite repeated attempts officers were still unable to explain their recommendations. We do not like publicly brawling with the Council or its officers but we have had little choice but to explain our actions. The following is the text from our letter of withdrawal.

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When a house is not a house

It is interesting to ponder the possibility that one’s hobby may be breaching planning laws. The application for a helicopter landing and taking off from a one man’s house at Bargara has sparked a lot of controversy but there is another aspect that raises more questions than it answers.

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Helicopter landing - What is all the fuss about?

Bundaberg Regional Council is assessing one of our applications that has attracted considerable media attention. It is a development application for a material change of use for a helicopter landing facility at Woongarra Scenic Drive, Bargara.
Our professional view is that the Council officers' recommended reasons for refusal are erroneous or exaggerated and do not constitute anywhere near an adequate basis for a refusal.
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