Release of draft Bundaberg Planning Scheme

What should we expect from the new planning scheme... areas for urban expansion? more rural residential? some industry and commercial projects no longer needing approvals. Yes, and much more!
There will be many new opportunities but the scheme, in the new State-mandated format, will be very different than the current four schemes it will replace.

Bundaberg Regional Council's consultation period is from Monday 22 September until 28 November 2014.

Phone now on 07 4151-6677 for a free preliminary phone consultation to find out how we can help you.

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New Planning Act on its way

The core reason we need reform in the planning system is to do with the way assessment managers are required to assess and decide development applications - the IDAS decision rules. We supposedly have a performance-based system but, in effect, the legislation does anything but allow a Council to balance the pros and cons of a development proposal.

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