Uncover some history

We recently uncovered some history in the form of a 130-year-old survey blaze on a gum at Bucca.

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'Registered Planners' for good planning

Choose a PIA 'Registered Planner' to be sure of quality planning advice. InsiteSJC has the only consulting Registered Planners in the Bundaberg and Fraser Coast Regions. Only a small proportion of planners in all of Queensland, whether employed in the public, community or private sectors, meet the criteria for being a Registered Planner.

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Surveyors and the value of cadastral integrity

"The cadastre is a valuable record of property boundaries , and records property ownership, entitlements and restrictions under the Torrens title system. The cadastre records extents of land rights and interests and connects them to the Certificate of Title each time dealings are registered or new titles are created. The Certificate of Title therefore provides the foundation for land valuation and transfer of property ownership." (SSIQ)

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How far can you go

This blog discusses what it means for a proposal to 'conflict with' a planning scheme and the 'sufficient grounds test' that an assessment manager would need to apply in the event of such a conflict.

It is interesting sometimes to observe the community perception that all development proposals must comply with every aspect of the planning scheme. In reality, most development projects have some minor issue that requires dispensation or relaxation by the Council as the assessment manager.

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Planning reform syndrome

Not so long ago we had a small footprint planning system! Before being afflicted with Planning Reform Syndrome symptoms, Queensland had a very lightweight planning regime. Only as far back as the early 1980s, to arguably the most bureaucratically-complex part of Queensland as far as the planning and development system was concerned, Brisbane...the City of Brisbane Town Planning Act 1964 comprised just 19 pages and the town plan contained a little more than 100 pages of text. There were no state planning policies, guidelines or rules. Our entire planning system, as it applied to metropolitan Brisbane, fitted into less than 120 pages! Compare that to what we are launching into in 2017!

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Incentives deadline looms

The 19 July 2017 deadline may seem like it is still a long way off, but considering the prospect of State referrals, information requests, public notification and submitter appeals, the timeframe is getting impractical for some projects. Act now to ensure that you make the most of the Bundaberg Regional Council development incentives.

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Copyright public apology received

We publish a public apology from Bernard Kemps and Mark Mergard.
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Bundaberg Open For Development rebooted

Following on from successful incentives packages in 2013, Bundaberg Regional Council has rebooted the initiative and released a new range of generous incentives across four broad categories. The ‘’Bundaberg Open for Development’’ is a welcome initiative that will assist in stimulating the local economy.

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Bundaberg Open for Development 2016 and unit projects

For anyone contemplating a unit development, the Bundaberg Regional Council "Open for Development” infrastructure charges incentive is welcome news.
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Get coordinated

We're not talking about fashion-coordinated! (Sorry!)

Having a good understanding of geodetic coordinates is important for construction, engineering and surveying. 

This blog discusses:

  • next year's change from GDA94 to GDA2020 (Australia is not where it was in 1994!); and,
  • how 999.6 metres can equal a kilometre.
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Facilitative approaches to development assessment

While development assessment is often much less glamorous than major projects, it is never-the-less an important part of the development process. Those responsible for administering the process often receive criticism for placing roadblocks or taking too long to make decisions. The way applications are assessed can make a significant difference to economic development. This blog explores how we help when we assess development applications on behalf of councils.

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Big projects with local involvement

The InsiteSJC survey team is busy with some of those big projects Bundaberg has been awaiting. It is pleasing to see some on-ground progress after listening to promises about commencement dates for such a long time.

The InsiteSJC Survey team is involved in four significant projects that helps local employment and prosperity.

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