Uncover some history

One of our Survey teams recently uncovered some history…a survey reference tree emblazoned in 1888.

The original Surveyor marked out the property at Bucca Road, Bucca 130 years ago (see attached 1888 survey plan) used a tree as a reference mark to help identify the boundary corner, as was then a common practice. After the Surveyor emblazoned the tree with a ‘broad arrow’ and the portion number, the outer layers of bark progressively grew back to eventually cover the blaze on the solid wood of the trunk. A new survey of the property required our Surveyor to reveal the survey mark by cutting the bark and new growth away. He was able to do that with a chainsaw to produce one ‘slab’ of timber showing the mirror image imprint of the blazed survey marks from the trunk.
The gum would have been mature in 1888, and even after 130 years is still going strong.


The following link shows the mirror image imprint and the original 1888 survey.