'Registered Planners' for good planning

The Planning Institute of Australia’s Registered Planner program is a mechanism to identify and promote high-calibre planners. It recognises that only good planners can achieve good planning—by professionals with skills and knowledge not found in other disciplines.

To be a Registered Planner it is necessary to be a Full Member of the Planning Institute of Australia, have five years professional experience, meet competency for six key practice areas covering the skill and knowledge of good planning , and commit to continuing professional development. Less than 30% of all planners in Queensland meet the requirements. It is much more than having a degree in planning but requires demonstrated experience, knowledge, and proficiency.
A Registered Planner therefore represents—

  • "High levels of integrity and professionalism
  • An ability to use spatial thinking and interpret complex data
  • A creative and integrative approach to problem-solving, drawing on a range of disciplines and methods
  • An ability to develop and apply technical knowledge
  • Advanced collaboration and stakeholder engagement skills
  • An understanding of how to work within planning frameworks” (PIA, 2018)

Being ‘Registered’ is part of our quality assurance for our clients.

InsiteSJC has the only consulting Registered Planners in the Bundaberg and Fraser Coast Regions.

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