Copyright public apology received

Following protracted legal action, InsiteSJC received a public apology from Bernard Kemps and Mark Mergard. A Court-mediated agreement allows us to publish the letter of apology in the Newsmail on two occasions and on our website.

20 September 2016

To Whom It May Concern,


We, Mark Mergard and Bernard Kemps of Bundaberg apologise to InsiteSJC for any use of InsiteSJC's intellectual property contained within a development application report, without InsiteSJC's consent or licence, when lodging five development applications with the Bundaberg Regional Council.

We acknowledge that we did not have consent or licence to use the intellectual property of InsiteSJC and acknowledge the copyright of InsiteSJC in the development application reports authored by it and that InsiteSJC has a strong reputation for providing expertise in town planning, surveying and development projects. We further acknowledge that the unauthorised use of InsiteSJC's intellectual property devalues InsiteSJC's reputation and business. 


Bernard Kemps         Mark Mergard

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