Bundaberg Open For Development rebooted

Following on from successful incentives packages in 2013, Bundaberg Regional Council has rebooted the initiative and released a new range of generous incentives across four broad categories. The ‘’Bundaberg Open for Development’’ is a welcome initiative that will assist in stimulating the local economy. The incentives are across four broad categories—

  1. Long term employment generating development;
  2. CBD/Town centre development;
  3. Rural Sector; and
  4. Housing affordability.

The opportunities for huge savings

There are great opportunities, for example—

  • Infill development and for residential subdivisions creating more than 10 lots in fully serviced areas (i.e. with sewer and water) on land in the Low density residential, Medium density residential and Emerging community zones. There is 50% discount off charges for these types of development, so this means that for a 10-lot subdivision would receive a $126,000 infrastructure charges discount;
  • Certain types of development in the Bundaberg CBD and the town centres of Childers, Gin Gin and Bargara will enjoy a 100% discount on infrastructure charges such as short term accommodation and residential units. For example, a Hotel with 20 x 3 bedroom units would save $252,000;
  • The Rural sector will also get a big boost with horticulture, aquaculture, rural workers accommodation, and other certain uses, getting between 50% and 100% discounts. For example, a 500m2 packing shed would save $20,500 in charges in the un-serviced areas.

The incentives are also available where development has been started prior to 19 July 2016 but not completed. This means even if you have substantially started your development there may still be incentives available.

Beware the deadlines

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and this will be the case for the incentives. An application in the approved form must be made prior to 19 July 2017 and development must be completed by 19 July 2018. There may be some instances where Council may extend this date for development that has been substantially commenced, though this will be at Council’s discretion. The take-home message is that there is essentially a year from now to obtain an approval and apply for the discounts. This means factoring in finding a site and development opportunity, lodging and obtaining approvals within the year then and completing the project within the following twelve months. 

InsiteSJC can help

This is where we add value to the process.
As with all planning-related jargon, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through the plethora of requirements. At InsiteSJC we are best placed to advise on how you can take maximum advantage of the available incentives and assist in getting your development ready prior to the 19 July 2017 deadline. Our team of experts in town planning, surveying and projects will guide you to the finish line from application through to approval. Our extensive network of industry contacts and our good relationships with Council and State representatives will ensure you get the most out of your development dollars. 
Call us today and one of our friendly staff will advise you on how you can take advantage of the broad array of incentives available. 


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