Bundaberg Open for Development 2016 and unit projects

For anyone contemplating a unit development, the Bundaberg Regional Council "Open for Development 2016” infrastructure charges incentive scheme is welcome news.
The potential savings on a 4 x two bedroom unit development (now with a 50% discount on the charges) would be $23,400. This should now make more projects feasible.
InsiteSJC can provide site specific advice to help evaluate the feasibility of your project. However, if you are looking for a suitable site here are a few tips to improve viability:

  • Look for a site that falls from the rear to the street to minimise stormwater drainage and retaining wall costs.
  • Avoid sites traversed by a sewer line – it is possible to build over the line but there will be additional costs.
  • If possible select a site that has a sealed verge to the kerb avoiding significant roadworks costs.
  • Carefully consider the possible site layout and additional construction implications of corner sites.

These simple criteria could slash as much as $50,000 from development cost for your project. Combine that with Council's incentives and you could be 'on a winner'!


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