North Burnett Scheme Amendments

The InsiteSJC planning team is pleased to acknowledge the efforts of North Burnett Regional Council in progressing amendments to the planning scheme. Minor and administrative amendments commenced on Monday 3 February 2020. InsiteSJC had the pleasure of assisting the Council to make a series of amendments to ‘appropriately integrate’ SPP 2017, reflect the regulated requirements and make various other improvements and corrections.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to assist Councils, such as North Burnett Regional Council, prepare planning schemes and then to keep them contemporary through various amendments. No planning scheme deserves to commence and never be reviewed or amended to keep up to date as situations change. 

The InsiteSJC planning team has been integrally involved from the beginning: preparing the 2014 scheme and subsequent amendments (2017 major amendments for historic lots, 2017 minor and administrative amendments, 2017 Alignment amendment, and now the 2020 minor and administrative amendments.)

We have become passionate about the North Burnett region, the Council and its staff.

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