Characteristics of a successful consultancy

In a world where small businesses often fail, our consultancy is proud to have served the Bundaberg community for the past 35 years either as InsiteSJC or in the form of its previous incarnations Sommerfeld Jensen Campbell, Insite Strategies and Ross Sommerfeld Surveys.
Of course, we are grateful for the opportunity our many clients have given us over that time. But apart from good clients, what do we credit our longevity to? 

We think it is the three T’s – Talent, Transparency and Trust.

  • Talent – we have unsurprisingly amassed much knowledge and experience over this time but, in an ever-changing world, we also continually seek to learn, grow and improve to ensure our advice and service are current, best-practice, compliant and innovative.
  • Transparency – our aim is to communicate, communicate, communicate so you are fully informed to make the best decisions for you and your development.
  • Trust – we strive to act morally, responsibly and respectfully, be efficient and effective, and provide value.  We do not simply seek to obtain a development approval for you.
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