Deadline looming

Remember "Bundaberg Open for Development 2016”, the Council’s thrice extended, but now concluded, incentives scheme?

If you were fortunate enough to secure discounts on your infrastructure charges under this scheme, but have not yet completed your development, it is most likely your discounts applicable to the uncompleted part will lapse on 26 June 2020.

HOWEVER, your Infrastructure Agreement enables you to request an extension to this Completion Date. There are provisos—make the request before 26 June 2020, the project demonstrates Substantial Commencement, and you can give sufficient explanation of why the development cannot be completed by the Completion Date.  Council would then assess your request on its merits.

Please let InsiteSJC know if you would like us to make this request on your behalf – the sooner, the better though.

It is worth noting though that infrastructure charges can be paid to Council at any time before completion.

The relevant definitions are—

Completed: Means for a material change of use:

  • Where involving building works, a certificate of classification or the final inspection certificate (for a single detached class 1a building or structure) has been issued; or
  • Where not involving building works, the approved use has been established.
Means for reconfiguring a lot all plans of reconfiguration (or for an application which applies to a particular stage, all plans of reconfiguration for that stage) have been given to Council.

Completion Date: Means: 

  • 26 June 2020; or

 such date as extended by the Council pursuant to section 3.7 of Attachment A.

Substantial Commencement: Means for a material change of use the commencement of the construction of either slab or footings (whichever is required for the development) proportionate to the size of the development proposed.
Means for reconfiguring a lot the commencement of civil works (such as roadwork, water or sewer connections, stormwater pipe work).
Preliminary site works including tree clearing or bulk earth works are not considered to be substantial commencement for these purposes.

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