Development incentives changes

The Bundaberg Regional Council has committed to supporting the development industry to stimulate development and provide employment and economic growth for our region. Following from the success of the incentives for development provided by the ‘Open for Development 2016’, Council has developed a new range of incentives to stimulate further development activity, provide opportunities for longer-term job creation and to assist housing affordability in our region. Council also resolved to adopt new timeframes for the incentives at the recent Ordinary Meeting of Council on the 12 December 2017. The closing date for applications for incentives has been extended until the 29 June 2018 with developments that Council incentivises between 22 December 2017 and 29 June 2018 having until 28 June 2019 to be completed.  It should be noted that developments  Council incentivised prior to the 22 December 2017 still must be completed by the 28 June 2018, although this date may be extended at Council’s discretion.

The program incentivises development across four broad categories including— 

  1. Rural sector development – 100% discounts for certain direct rural or rural industry activities, 50% discount for certain allied uses (e.g. workers accommodation);
  2. Long-term employment generating development – 50% discounts for industrial, medical, tourism and business ( where in a Centres Zone) development;
  3. CBD/Town Centre development – 100% discount for certain targeted developments located in the Bundaberg CBD, town centres of Gin Gin and Childers, and the core tourism area of Bargara; and
  4. Housing Affordability – 50% discount for infill residential development and fully serviced residential subdivisions located in the Low density residential zone or Emerging community zone, rural residential subdivision where located in the Rural residential zone and relocatable home parks.

Bundaberg is continuing to grow as a regional hub with one of the key drivers to employment opportunities and economic growth in the region being the sustained and continued growth of the building and development sector. Council’s commitment to supporting this sector through the extension of the incentives package will assist projects to get off the ground that may have otherwise been unviable. The Incentives package renews confidence and investment interest in the region and provides local employment opportunities.  
There are significant discounts available for eligible development. For example, a 1 lot-into-5 lot rural residential subdivision would save up to $45,360 in infrastructure charges. A four-unit, three-bedroom multiple dwelling in a serviced area would save up to $50,400. The 2019 deadline to complete development may sound like a long time but the developer must factor in the timeframes associated with gaining the relevant town planning, engineering and building approvals in addition to completing the physical works. 
Contact one of our friendly staff who have a track record of delivering approved incentivised developments and who will be able to navigate your proposed development through the relevant regulations and legislation. If you were thinking of developing or just wanted to get some further information relating to planning, surveying or development in general, give us a call or visit us at our 67 Barolin St office. 


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