David Newby

Partner + Town Planner + Development Consultant

Phone: 0408 815 511
Email: david@insitesjc.com.au

David’s career in land-use planning and development projects commenced as a local government planner in 1979. His extensive experience since enables him to lead statutory and strategic planning commissions in various local governments including those of rural and coastal growth areas and urban south-east Queensland. He also has considerable experience in development projects and development assessment.

Geoff Campbell

Development Consultant

Phone: 0409 528 801
Email: geoff@insitesjc.com.au
Geoff has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the development sector, for the past 10 years as a partner in a survey and planning consultancies, following careers in survey drafting, mapping and project management.  Geoff's wide ranging experience across a range of disciplines gives our clients access to optimum development outcomes.    

Nathan Freeman

Town Planner + Development Consultant

Phone: 0415 760 804
Email: nathan@insitesjc.com.au
Nathan has been a town planner with InsiteSJC for over 10 years.  Prior to joining, Nathan worked in South East Queensland as a transport planner for Queensland Transport.  He has formal qualifications through the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Regional Town Planning (Hons) and is also a Certified Practising Planner.

Randall Barrington

Principal Projects Coordinator

Phone: 0428 527 044
Email: randall@insitesjc.com.au
For 30+ years, Randall Barrington has been providing government clients, community groups and the land development industry with innovative solutions to land development issues in both New South Wales and Queensland.

Renee Pratt

Drafting Technician

Phone: 0439 619 345
Email: renee@insitesjc.com.au
Renee is a Drafting Technician with 6 years’ experience. Her high-level skills in Autocad and Survacad enable her to efficiently produce quality proposal plans for development applications, survey plans, shop lease plans for major shopping centres, sales plans, identification surveys.