Curtis Purvey

Town Planner

Phone: 0451 094 512

Majoring in Urban and Regional Planning at QUT, Curtis developed a robust knowledge of regional and urban planning during his appointment in local government. An interest in regional development has led Curtis to join InsiteSJC and apply his skill and knowledge base outside of major urban areas with an aim of achieving strong regional development outcomes for clients within our regional portfolio. Curtis has a varied project history including land subdivision, residential, rural, industrial and commercial developments. He strives for high quality outcomes for clients whilst balancing regulatory requirements and community expectations.

A background in local government has allowed Curtis to develop an extensive knowledge of the Queensland planning system, local planning schemes and the nuanced implications for land use particularly within a regional context. Outside of managing development, Curtis has a personal interest in traditional building character and the relationship between urban development and the environment, ensuring sound outcomes for clients and the community alike.