BRC DA lodgement fees

Bundaberg Regional Council has released its fee schedule for 2020/21.  It appears most DA lodgement fees will increase generally in accordance with the CPI.  However, one exception is for Lot Reconfigurations.  Currently, Council charges a base fee of $2605 plus $488 surcharge for each additional lot proposed.  From 1 July 2020, the base fee will increase to $3500 which applies to all boundary realignments (where no additional lots are created) and subdivisions creating up to 10 lots.  Depending on your application, this could mean an increased cost of $895 or "savings” up to $3497 (based on 9 additional lots).
Council has also introduced a "bracket” system for Lot Reconfigurations.  This means for subdivisions that propose more than 10 additional lots, the applicable "additional lot” surcharge reduces from $400 to $300 from 11 lots to 101+ lots.
Council indicates that the changes are intended to more accurately reflect the amount of work required to assess these applications.
All above fees quoted are for Code assessable applications.  The surcharge of 35% for Impact assessable Lot Reconfigurations will be maintained in 2020/21.
Please call our office if you are wondering about the best timing of your application considering the changes to lodgement fees.

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