David Newby

Partner + Town Planner + Development Consultant

Phone: 0408 815 511
Email: david@insitesjc.com.au

Registered Planner, MPIA, FDIA

David’s career in land-use planning and development projects commenced as a local government planner in 1979. His extensive experience since then enables him to lead statutory and strategic planning commissions in various local governments including those of rural and coastal growth areas and urban south-east Queensland. He has been responsible for preparing more than half a dozen IPA and SPA planning schemes but also has enjoys the opportunity to help private clients create successful development projects.

Some of those development projects have been complex, involving a broad range of issues related to land use, infrastructure, the natural environment or natural hazards. They often include a range of stakeholder interests such as adjoining landowners, State agencies, council departments or community groups. Being able to listen to, understand and respond to the views of others is essential to successful outcomes.

David is one of three partners at InsiteSJC and has a keen desire to provide quality service that helps make our cities, town and rural areas better places. As a partner, his mission is to ensure that the business provides creative solutions for better communities.

With 30+ years of experience in the planning professional providing town planning services or development advice, David is well-suited to project-manage a range of projects, balancing stakeholder interests, timeliness, cost and quality.

The Planning Institute of Australia recognised David as a 'Certified Practising Planner' in 2006. In 2016 he was elected 'Registered Planner' of the institute.